Pure and efficient for residential buildings. synergy 100 proves that sleek design and a comfortable ride can be affordable. synergy 100 offers optimized shaft dimensions with the option of reduced pit and overhead spaces. This compact elevator features durable materials that increase efficiency and working life. The low initial investment and high return throughout the lifecycle of the elevator ensure maximum return on your investment. Choose synergy 100 and trust in thyssenkrupp’s expertise. Our excellent service ensures maximum availability and adds value to residential projects by ensuring optimum functionality for longer, resulting in increased user satisfaction. All these attributes make synergy 100 perfect for residential buildings with low traffic flows. synergy 100: the proven solution that offers an excellent price-quality ratio. Overview synergy 100 Elevator type Machine room-less, optional machine room Passengers 6/8/13 passengers Load 450 / 630 / 1000 kg Speed 1.0 m/s Travel height Up to 45 m Number of stops Up to 12 stops Cabin 8 predesigned cabins Door types Side-opening or central opening with 2 panels Door opening width 800 mm or 900 mm Door height 2000 mm or 2100 mm