8 COMFORT, SAFETY & REGULATIONS More than a pleasant ride. Ensuring safety for all users at all times. ʣ Accessibility: cabin and door dimensions, the safety mirror, the handrails design, luminance contrast in fixtures, adjustable sound level, as well as voice announcements meet the accessibility requirements of the new EN 81-70:2018 European standard. ʣ Easy-to-use push-buttons with Braille lettering and green frame for the main floor button. ʣ The controller avoids unnecessary trips and reduces waiting times. Comfort Safety & regulations ARD ʣ Silent and low-vibration: synergy 100 is best-in-class within its segment. ʣ Landing accuracy: the controller ensures accurate levelling. Landing accuracy of +/- 3 mm ensures safe and comfortable access for passengers. Elevators are the safest means of transport: all safety elements are manufactured to meet all relevant industry standards and regulations, including our company’s own strict internal Safety, Health and Environment standards, as well as meeting ISO 9001 and 14001. Highest standards: we design and test to the highest standards and manufacture our own safety components. Stay connected 24/7: whenever you need it, the communication system is there for you, keeping you connected with our 24hr call center. Emergency evacuation (standard): in the event of power failure, the Automatic Rescue Device (ARD) will safely take you to the next floor (load dependent) <1> and open the doors to allow passengers to exit the cabin <2>.