E32 D32 10 DESIGN LINES FOR SYNERGY 200 The collection of predesigned cabins of the E and D design lines have been created by expert designers to achieve a wide spectrum of atmospheres. synergy 200 combines genuine style with quality materials, such as stainless steel, laminate or glass. This adds to the premium feel while ensuring long-lasting good looks. Design lines for synergy 200 Design line E Characterised by fresh and natural colour combinations, the E design line offers a great choice of predesigned cabins in stainless steel or high-quality laminates and melamines. Design line D Geared to high-end residential buildings, the D design line’s range of predesigned cabins offers great versatility. They represent a qualitative step up in materials and interior finishes, using either patterned stainless steel, exclusive laminates or decorative glass. Discover more variants of the E design line in the cabin designer tool. Discover more variants of the D design line in the cabin designer tool.