16 TECHNICAL PRODUCT SCOPE Technical product scope Door options Key: CW: car width CD: car depth CH: car height SW: shaft width SD: shaft depth SH: shaft head SP: shaft pit DW: door width DH: door height FFL: finished floor level UFL: unfinished floor level TH: travel height HST: min. height between floors Shaft layout with side-opening door L2 Single entrance Double entrance Shaft layout with central-opening door C2 Single entrance DW CD Recess (optional) SD CW SW DW CD Recess (optional) SD CW SW CD Recess (optional) SD DW CW SW Double entrance CD Recess (optional) SD DW CW SW Shaft planning layout Vertical section Control system Reduced SH = CH + 490 mm (for CH = 2070 mm) Standard SH = CH + 1200 mm Values for self-supporting cabin at 1 m/s and defined conditions. For specific configurations, consult values. CH = 2070 - 2500 mm DH = 2000 / 2100 / 2300 mm THmax = 45 m at 1 m/s, 75 m at > 1m/s THmin = 2900 mm (consult conditions) HST 2 min. = 250 / 600mm, wo / with advanced door opening SP from 1000 mm at 1m/s SD UFL FFL UFL FFL FFL FFL FFL UFL UFL UFL HSTmin. = DH + 450 / 550 mm (Consult conditions) Reduced SP = 425 / 550 mm (Consult conditions)