1 8 SERVICE MAX – the game changer that keeps people moving Key features of our service offering Data gathering MAX is only available in selected markets. Consult your TK Elevator sales representative for further information. Predictive intervention Precise diagnostics Introducing MAX: the elevator industry’s first real-time, cloud-based predictive maintenance solution. Our smart, machine learning Internet of Things (IoT) solution dramatically increases elevator availability by reducing out-of-service situations through real-time diagnostics. Your elevator is in good hands. With one of the leading providers of urban mobility. On par with our innovative elevators and escalators engineered and manufactured in Europe, the provision of high-quality maintenance and repairs is a core priority at TK Elevator. Our service concept is built on the basis of ensuring maximum passenger comfort, convenience and safety at all times while protecting the long-term value of your investment – and it extends beyond our own products. Regardless of make and model, we can cover all your maintenance and service requirements, which is an invaluable advantage for TKE customers. Your service partner: always there ʣ Rapid 24/7 service through our 1,000+ regional branches ʣ Service packages for all major products or models on the market ʣ Expert service technicians backed by a global network of service centers, providing themwith real-time support on third-party products andmodels ʣ Customised, state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to interface with other manufacturers’ control systems ʣ Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations ʣ Large stock of spare parts for all major lift brands on demand, and efficient logistics capable of swift delivery