synergy 200 is the ideal solution for low- and mid-traffic residential buildings with demanding design and exceptional flexibility requirements. With its timeless elegance and outstanding efficiency, synergy 200 meets the highest demands in terms of comfort, flexibility and design for residential buildings. Featuring the latest technology, high-quality materials and an impressive design, synergy 200 offers enhanced comfort for passengers and adds value to residential buildings. Choose synergy 200 and trust in TK Elevator’s expertise. Our excellent service ensures maximum availability and optimum functionality for longer, resulting in increased user satisfaction. Thanks to its flexible cabin sizes, this elevator is the perfect choice for modernisation projects that require full replacement. made in europe At our elevator manufacturing centers in Germany and Spain. OVERVIEW SYNERGY 200 Elevator type Machine room-less, optional machine room Passengers 4 to 13 passengers Load 320 / 450 / 630 / 825 / 1,000 kg Speed 1.0 / 1.6 / 1.75 m/s Travel height Up to 75 m Number of stops Up to 20 stops Cabin 41 predesigned cabins / custom-fit solutions Door types Side-opening with 2 or 3 panels, central-opening with 2 or 4 panels Door opening width From700mmto 1,100mm Door height Up to 2,300mm STYLISH AND FLEXIBLE FOR RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS