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ThyssenKrupp gathered its experience in elevator manufacturing and design, to create the elevator for the buildings of the future. SYNERGY passenger elevator combines competitive price with unique technology, high quality and modern design. It is tailored to the needs of low- to mid-rise buildings, such as private residences, residential buildings, stores and offices, and can travel up to 60m.

SYNERGY is both, machine room less and gearless and thus, saves space in the building. In addition, it is famous for reducing energy costs through regenerative drive technology, which saves generated power while in use, to supply it back to the electrical system. In addition, it can save up to 200kW per year, as it features automatic stand-by technology and LED cabin lighting. The speed of this elevator can be 1.0 m/s or 1.60 m/s.

This elevator complies with the highest international safety standards, because safety comes first for ThyssenKrupp. It includes automatic rescue device, for quick and safe rescue of passengers in case of power failure. In addition, it features two-way communication with our customer service center, for 24/7 support.

This elevator, which is meant for the buildings of the future, could not lag in interior design and decoration. ThyssenKrupp offers two elegant cabin designs for this elevator: cabin model S1 and Millenium Classic. You can choose between different cabin color combinations, car operating panels and screens to achieve the desired decoration style.






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