synergy 100: the proven solution that offers an excellent price-quality ratio. synergy 100 proves that sleek design and a comfortable ride can be affordable. synergy 100 offers optimised shaft dimensions with the option of reduced pit and overhead spaces. This compact elevator features durable materials that increase efficiency and working life. The low initial investment and high return throughout the life cycle of the elevator ensure maximum return on your investment. Choose synergy 100 and trust in TK Elevators’s expertise. Our excellent service ensures maximum availability and adds value to residential projects by ensuring optimum functionality for longer, resulting in increased user satisfaction. All these attributes make synergy 100 perfect for residential buildings with low traffic flows. OVERVIEW SYNERGY 100 Elevator type Machine room-less, optional machine room Passengers 6 / 8 / 13 passengers Load 450 / 630 / 1,000 kg Speed 1.0 m/s Travel height Up to 45 m Number of stops Up to 12 stops Cabin 6 predesigned cabins Door types Side-opening or central opening with 2 panels Door opening width 800mmor 900mm Door height 2,000 mm or 2,100 mm PURE AND EFFICIENT FOR RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS made in europe At our elevator manufacturing centers in Germany and Spain.

04 synergy 100 benefits at a glance 06 Key features 06 Performance 07 Energy efficiency 08 Comfort, safety & regulations 09 Design 14 Selected features and options 15 Planning 16 Technical product scope 17 Shaft planning layout 18 Service 19 About us CONTENTS synergy 100: Pure and efficient The ideal solution for low-traffic functional residential buildings. synergy 200: Stylish and flexible Ideal elevator for low- to midtraffic residential buildings with demanding design and flexibility requirements. Also perfect for modernising existing buildings. synergy 300: Versatile and smart Designed for low-duty and low- to mid-traffic commercial and office buildings. The synergy family at a glance

4 SYNERGY 100 BENEFITS AT A GLANCE Best-in-class shaft efficiency Whether you choose standard dimensions for overhead and pit or a version with reduced dimensions – synergy 100 is best-in-class. Low energy consumption synergy 100 offers several standard features that keep energy costs in the green range, such as LED lighting, automatic stand-by operation and its efficient, gearless machine. synergy achieved an A class for energy-efficiency rating. synergy 100 is the ideal solution if you are looking for a durable, energy-efficient and compact elevator for a new residential building with low traffic flows and basic needs. synergy is built on good quality and TK Elevator’s experience with a product that has already proved its effectiveness in the market for over 10 years. The easy solution that meets all your mobility needs Our long history of engineering experience Our experience guarantees reliability, and enhanced safety, thanks to strict internal safety standards. Good investment Excellent cost-performance ratio throughout the product life cycle. Durable materials and proven components for longevity, supported by our skilled installation and outstanding service to ensure a longer working life.

Reduced overhead dimensions Efficient, gearless machine for low energy consumption Automatic rescue device Optional regenerative drive for smart energy saving Compact and with standardised cabin dimensions Reduced pit dimensions 5 SYNERGY 100 BENEFITS AT A GLANCE One elevator. Many benefits. Durable cabin finish Fast and safe installation processes Reliable doors with safe operation

6 PERFORMANCE Delivering cost-effective performance that perfectly matches the needs of residential buildings. Performance Gearless machine designed in Germany: high performance and quality ensure smooth operation and a long and reliable working life. Proven components: synergy 100 is manufactured using proven components that guarantee reliable performance. More than 75,000 units of the synergy family have already been delivered worldwide. DESIGN COMFORT SAFETY & REGULATIONS EFFICIENCY PERFORMANCE

7 ENERGY EFFICIENCY Based on a 630 kg elevator at 1 m/s with 12 m travel height and usage category 1 synergy Solutions for low energy consumption. Energy efficiency Measurements taken on a standard synergy configuration with sleep mode achieve the highest energyefficiency rating Class A according to ISO 25745-2. The low energy consumption reduces the CO2 footprint of the elevator during operation and consequently its share of the overall energy consumption of a building. This has also been proven by synergy’s life cycle assessment. Sustainability is part of our corporate strategy. It involves the holistic improvement of our products and processes to help you reduce the environmental footprint of your buildings and qualify for LEED® and BREEAM® certification by incorporating green features in our elevators. Environmental Product Declaration (EPD®) synergy 100 has a certified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) giving information about the environmental performance and contents, which has been controlled and verified according to the requirements of the International EPD® System. Registration number: S-P-01639 More information is available at 63 28 9 45%savings by adding sleep mode option Low energy consumption thanks to the highly efficient gearless machine with no contaminant lubricants. Standby mode: cabin lighting comes with automatic switch-off as standard. Sleep mode (optional): The electronic components are turned off when the elevator is in sleep mode and are instantly activated when the elevator is called. LED lighting is standard for all lighting devices in shaft, cabin (ceilings, push- buttons, etc.) and landings. LED lighting can last 10 times longer and is up to 80%more energy efficient than halogen lighting. Gearless machine: low energy consumption, no need for oil or other lubricants, maintenance free.

8 COMFORT, SAFETY & REGULATIONS More than a pleasant ride. Ensuring safety for all users at all times. ʣ Accessibility: cabin and door dimensions, the safety mirror, the handrails design, luminance contrast in fixtures, adjustable sound level, as well as voice announcements meet the accessibility requirements of the new EN 81-70:2018 European standard. ʣ Easy-to-use push-buttons with Braille lettering and green frame for the main floor button. ʣ The controller avoids unnecessary trips and reduces waiting times. Comfort Safety & regulations ARD ʣ Silent and low-vibration: synergy 100 is best-in-class within its segment. ʣ Landing accuracy: the controller ensures accurate levelling. Landing accuracy of +/- 3 mm ensures safe and comfortable access for passengers. Elevators are the safest means of transport: all safety elements are manufactured to meet all relevant industry standards and regulations, including our company’s own strict internal Safety, Health and Environment standards, as well as meeting ISO 9001 and 14001. Highest standards: we design and test to the highest standards and manufacture our own safety components. Stay connected 24/7: whenever you need it, the communication system is there for you, keeping you connected with our 24hr call center. Emergency evacuation (standard): in the event of power failure, the Automatic Rescue Device (ARD) will safely take you to the next floor (load dependent) <1> and open the doors to allow passengers to exit the cabin <2>.

9 Sophisticated functionality. Design Predesigned cabin: F20 Ambiance: Fresh Ceiling: Steel Grille Walls: Skinplate White Floor: Vinyl, Nature Black

F20 F22 F21 F23 10 DESIGN LINES FOR SYNERGY 100 The F design line combines timeless, clean designs with attractive and durable materials. Neutral colours, as well as long-lasting stainless steel finishes are the ideal choice for functional buildings. This design line presents predesigned cabin interiors in the ambiance styles “Fresh” and “Timeless”. Design lines for synergy 100 Design line F: Fresh

DESIGN LINES FOR SYNERGY 100 Discover more variants of the F design line in the cabin designer tool. F30 with optional vandal-resistant features F31 with optional vandal-resistant features Design line F: Timeless If you want to equip your elevator to withstand extreme wear and tear and vandalism, the design line F offers optional vandal-resistant (partially Category 1) ceilings or fixtures. 1 1

1 2 DESIGN Panels, buttons, handrails, and more for synergy 100 Contemporary styling for landing signalling in white safety glass or stainless steel. With optional TFT 3.5’’ display and/or extra keyswitch. Thanks to their slim design, series 30 fixtures are particularly suitable for narrow landing door jambs. Landing Operating Panels (LOP) With its minimalist design, the Moon operating panel perfectly combines functionality and quality. It is available in stainless steel or white tempered glass with a TFT 3.5’’ display. The vandal-resistant option features the VB push-button series. Optionally, a second vertical or horizontal COP can be installed. Car Operating Panels (COP) Standard DB button series with stainless steel faceplate and Braille lettering, main floor green frame and round white confirmation lighting. Optionally, VB and XL push-buttons are available for vandal-resistant and horizontal COP accordingly. All series conform with the new EN 81-70 regulation. Landing Direction Indicator Panels (LDIP) & Landing Indicator Panels (LIP) Push-buttons Choose operating panels and accessories that fit your needs. Achieve a modern and neutral look with a black glass face place. Or select the most functional option with the arrow integrated in the cabin portal. Moon, stainless steel Moon, safety glass LOP 50 91 x 350 x 25 mm LOP 52 91 x 261 x 25 mm LOP 53 91 x 261 x 25 mm LOP 51 91 x 171 x 25 mm LOP 51/52, vandal resistant 91 x 171/261 x 25 mm DB push-button Stainlaess steel Satin Silver VB push-button Stainless steel Satin Black XL push-button Coated steel Matt White Steel Moon, vandal- resistant Light Moon, stainless steel LOP 31 65 x 160 x 21 mm LOP 31 65 x 160 x 21 mm LIP 50 261 x 91 x 21 mm LDIP 50-51 91 x 101 x 21 mm LID 31 65 x 160 x 21 mm LIDC 31 40 x 120 x 2 mm 210 x 1000 x 30 mm 210 x 1000 x 33 mm 210 x 1000 x 30 mm 189 x 950 x 31 mm

1 3 DESIGN Colours, options and specifications are subject to change. All cabin decor options illustrated in this brochure are for illustrative purposes only. The samples shown may vary from the original in colour and material. Patterned samples not to scale. Consult your TK Elevator sales representative about our cabin designer tool and samples. Ceilings The white painted ceiling enhances the reflection of light from the slim LED panel light to provide comfortable, uniform lighting. 2 vandal-resistant ceilings are available. Slim LED plate Steel Lightbox, vandal-resistant Panels Choose between full stainless steel (brushed or linen) or a coated steel skinplate in the stylish unicoloured predesigned cabins. The standard handrail is a robust oval tube in chromeplated aluminum with curved ending. Optional: round satin stainless steel handrail with curved ending. Handrails Mirrors A mirror in 5 mm tempered safety glass is included on the rear wall, or on the side wall for elevators with a double entrance. Mirrors make the cabin feel more spacious and create appealing ceiling light reflections. Floors Hardwearing, easy-to-clean vinyl in a choice of three colours. You also have the possibility to supply your own flooring (recess ≤ 25 mm). Without mirror Partial-width and partial-height Steel Grille, vandal-resistant Slim LED plate Natural Black Vinyl Concrete Chalk Vinyl Concrete Dark Grey Vinyl Chrome-plated aluminum, straight fixing Stainless steel satin, straight fixing

14 SELECTED FEATURES AND OPTIONS SELECTED FEATURES AND OPTIONS  Optional product feature  Standard product feature To discover the other options available for synergy 100, please contact your local TK Elevator sales representative. The details quoted in this sheet can only be viewed as binding when confirmed expressly in writing. Comfort Accessibility Door open/close and alarm push-button  Big push-buttons with Braille lettering  Round green frame in main floor push-buton  Adjustable sound level (35-65 dBA)  Luminance contrast in fixtures  Induction loop for hearing-impaired passengers  XL horizontal COP with XL push-buttons  Access control Cancellation calls by double click in COP  Key and Eurokey switch in COP/LOP for access/functions  Encoded car calls (ECC)  Preference/Independent service of COP  Out of service LOP  Prepared for card reader LOP/COP  Others Car ventilation fan  CCTV multimedia travelling cable  Performance Parking level in main landing floor  Building management system (BMS)  Extended Building Management System (BMS)  Layout Reduced overhead  Reduced and extra-reduced pit  Machine room  Efficiency Energy-saving cabin LED lighting  Energy-saving shaft LED lighting  Cabin lighting stand-by  Sleep mode  Safety & regulations Light curtain protection  Emergency lighting in cabin 3 h  Automatic evacuation to next landing  Automatic evacuation to any landing  Two-/three-way intercom  Safety gear on counterweight  Water pit sensor  Halogen-free shaft wiring (except for the motor and travelling cable)  Doors fire rating E120  Doors fire rating EI60 / EI120 / EW60  EN 81-20/50, Lifts construction and components testing  EN 81-28, Emergency call system  EN 81-70, Accessibility to lifts  EN 81-71, Vandal-resistant (components), partially Cat.1  EN 81-73, Fire evacuation  EN 81-77, Seismic, Category 0 / 1, 2, 3  /  Design Predesigned cabins  Vandal-resistant false ceiling  Preparation for customer-supplied flooring ≤ 25 m  Stainless steel COP/LOP  Glass faceplate for COP/LOP  Vandal resistant COP/LOP  Double vertical/horizontal COP  Vandal-resistant push-buttons  TFT 3.5” display in COP, functions/direction  TFT 3.5" display in LOP, functions/direction  LIDC Landing arrow indicator in car portal  LOP, LIP and LDIP surface-mounted on door frame or wall  Slim LOP and LID, surface-mounted on door frame or wall  Selectable controller cabinet position  Landing doors in primed coating RAL 7032, for painting at jobsite  Landing doors in ferritic stainless steel Gr.220D (AISI 441)  Landing doors in stainless steel Linen  Cabin doors in ferritic stainless steel Gr.220D (AISI 441)  Cabin doors in stainless steel Linen 

SUCCESS BEGINS WITH A GREAT PLAN synergy 100 in-planner tool Make the most of your building space and find the optimal dimensions for your new synergy 100 cabin. All you need is either the shaft or cabin measurements. For new installations, you can simply find the smallest possible shaft dimensions for a specific cabin size. plan-synergy100. ʣ We support you from the first idea through to completed installation. ʣ Our highly experienced commercial team will advise you on the best mobility solutions to meet your requirements. ʣ Easy delivery and skilled installation.

16 TECHNICAL PRODUCT SCOPE Technical product scope Door options Key: CW: car width CD: car depth CH: car height SW: shaft width SD: shaft depth SH: shaft head SP: shaft pit DW: door width DH: door height FFL: finished floor level UFL: unfinished floor level TH: travel height HST: min. height between floors Shaft layout with side-opening door L2 Single entrance Double entrance Shaft layout with central-opening door C2 Single entrance DW CD Recess (optional) SD CW SW DW CD Recess (optional) SD CW SW CD Recess (optional) SD DW CW SW Double entrance CD Recess (optional) SD DW CW SW Shaft planning layout Vertical section Control system SH* = 3400 mm Reduced SH* = CH + 490 mm (for CH = 2070 mm) *Considering CH = 2200 mm, DH = 2000 mm, UPS in cabinet, non Teleservice. For other cases consult dimensions CH = 2070 / 2200 mm DH = 2000 / 2100 mm THmax = 45 m (30 m with reduced pit and / or reduced overhead) THmin = 2900 mm (consult conditions) 250 mm (without advanced door opening) SP = 1000 mm SD UFL FFL UFL FFL FFL FFL FFL UFL UFL UFL Reduced SP = 425 / 550 mm (consult conditions) HSTmin = DH + 450 mm - 510 mm (consult conditions) HST2 min.

The values shown correspond to a generic installation. Please contact your TK Elevator sales representative for guaranteed shaft dimensions for specific projects, especially for reduced shaft head and/or pit. During the planning phase, all applicable regulations stipulated by relevant notified bodies and all applicable national regulations should also be considered. 1 7 SHAFT PLANNING LAYOUT SYSTEM CABIN DOOR SHAFT Rated load (kg) Passengers Speed (m/s) Travel height max. (m) Car width x car depth (mm) Car height (mm) Type of entrance Door type Door width (mm) Door height (mm) Shaft width (mm) Shaft width (mm) - Full front Shaft depth (mm) - Door in recess & full front Shaft depth (mm) - Door partially in shaft Shaft depth (mm) - Door in shaft Shaft pit (mm) Shaft head (mm) 450 6 1.0 45 1000 x 1250 2070/ 2200 S/ D L2/ C2 800/ 900 2000/ 2100 2200 S L2 800 2000 1500 1505 1550 1610 1675 1000 3400 900 2000 1600 1600 1550 1610 1675 1000 3400 D L2 800 2000 1500 1505 1680 1830 1930 1000 3400 900 2000 1600 1600 1680 1830 1930 1000 3400 S C2 800 2000 1780 - 1515 1545 1605 1000 3400 900 2000 1980 - 1515 1545 1605 1000 3400 D C2 800 2000 1780 - 1610 1700 1790 1000 3400 900 2000 1980 - 1610 1700 1790 1000 3400 450 6 1.0 45 1000 x 1300 2070/ 2200 S/ D L2/ C2 800/ 900 2000/ 2100 2200 S L2 800 2000 1500 1505 1600 1660 1725 1000 3400 900 2000 1600 1600 1600 1660 1725 1000 3400 D L2 800 2000 1500 1505 1730 1880 1980 1000 3400 900 2000 1600 1600 1730 1880 1980 1000 3400 S C2 800 2000 1780 - 1565 1595 1655 1000 3400 900 2000 1980 - 1565 1595 1655 1000 3400 D C2 800 2000 1780 - 1660 1750 1840 1000 3400 900 2000 1980 - 1660 1750 1840 1000 3400 630 8 1.0 45 1100 x 1400 2070/ 2200 S/ D L2/ C2 800/ 900 2000/ 2100 2200 S L2 800 2000 1600 - 1700 1760 1825 1000 3400 900 2000 1600 1605 1700 1760 1825 1000 3400 D L2 800 2000 1600 - 1830 1980 2080 1000 3400 900 2000 1600 1605 1830 1980 2080 1000 3400 S C2 800 2000 1795 - 1665 1695 1755 1000 3400 900 2000 1980 - 1665 1695 1755 1000 3400 D C2 800 2000 1795 - 1760 1850 1940 1000 3400 900 2000 1980 - 1760 1850 1940 1000 3400 1000 13 1.0 45 1100 x 2100 2070/ 2200 S/ D L2/ C2 800/ 900 2000/ 2100 2200 S L2 900 2000 1600 1610 2400 2460 2525 1000 3400 D L2 900 2000 1600 1610 2530 2680 2780 1000 3400 S C2 900 2000 1980 - 2365 2395 2455 1000 3400 D C2 900 2000 1980 - 2460 2550 2640 1000 3400 Key: S: Single entrance, D: Double entrance, L2: Side-opening door with 2 panels, C2: Central-opening door with 2 panels Note: Optional reduced SP = 425/550 mm and reduced SH = CH+490 mm, for CH=2070 mm and self supporting cabin at 1 m/s.

1 8 SERVICE MAX – the game changer that keeps people moving Key features of our service offering Data gathering MAX is only available in selected markets. Consult your TK Elevator sales representative for further information. Predictive intervention Precise diagnostics Introducing MAX: the elevator industry’s first real-time, cloud-based predictive maintenance solution. Our smart, machine learning Internet of Things (IoT) solution dramatically increases elevator availability by reducing out-of-service situations through real-time diagnostics. Your elevator is in good hands. With one of the leading providers of urban mobility. On par with our innovative elevators and escalators engineered and manufactured in Europe, the provision of high-quality maintenance and repairs is a core priority at TK Elevator. Our service concept is built on the basis of ensuring maximum passenger comfort, convenience and safety at all times while protecting the long-term value of your investment – and it extends beyond our own products. Regardless of make and model, we can cover all your maintenance and service requirements, which is an invaluable advantage for TKE customers. Your service partner: always there ʣ Rapid 24/7 service through our 1,000+ regional branches ʣ Service packages for all major products or models on the market ʣ Expert service technicians backed by a global network of service centers, providing themwith real-time support on third-party products andmodels ʣ Customised, state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to interface with other manufacturers’ control systems ʣ Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations ʣ Large stock of spare parts for all major lift brands on demand, and efficient logistics capable of swift delivery

19 ABOUT US 50,000+ 24,000+ 1,200,000 100+ 1,000+ 24/7 elevators and escalators under maintenance employees service technicians countries of customers locations service available for customers YOUR INNOVATION PARTNER

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